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2016 Taj Campton Place Induction Dinner

On January 30, 2016 we toasted our new members who were inducted by Hal Small, the Bailli Délégué des Etats-Unis.  The new members included Neel and Margaret Lilani and Chef Srijith Gopinathan who was inducted at Maître Rotîssuer.  Tom Lile and Lars Lenck were elevated to Officer.

Campton Place Restaurant has for more than 2 decades known its share of distinguished chefs. Since 2011 it has had 1 Michelin star. This year, under the direction of Chef Srijith Gopinathan, it garnered its 2nd Michelin Star

Chef Srijith is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America with French classical cooking techniques. He has brought a new and exciting culinary adventure with Indian/California cuisine adding overtures of enticing spices.

Master Sommelier – MS Richard Dean is a graduate of the University of Hawaii and served as MS at Tavern on the Green in New York before coming to Campton Place. He serves on the examining board of the Guild of Master Sommeliers. 

The trout we enjoyed was farmed by producer, Mt. Lassen Trout Farm. This producer raises trout in a high velocity environment of spring water from Mount Lassen and ships their trout live in tanker trucks down to San Francisco so it arrives very fresh. It was likely a steelhead variety of rainbow trout which often have proteins in the meat that give it an orange color. Since it is raised in a high velocity environment (fast moving water) which mimics the ocean the fish had a different taste than traditional coastal rainbow trout. Trout, salmon and char are all from the same Salmonid family so they are related fish

The wild variety of steelhead is fascinating. They are anadromous (ocean-going) and have similar spawning patterns to salmon. Salmon and steelhead both live in the ocean and then swim up into fresh water rivers to reproduce -- what is so interesting is that they return to the same exact spot -- the same river where they were born to spawn. Very early in life, they are "marked" with the taste of the water. Imagine a fish going all the way to Alaska or even to Japan and then back to San Francisco - into the golden gate, up the delta, making turns at each tributary to get to the exact spot where they were born.