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Past Event Photos

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UPDATE Starting in 2019 I am posting photos on Google Photos. They provide unlimited storage for free. (FLICKR started charging for over 1000 pictures). The Google Photo App does not have the hover feature, but it does have an info button, which describes all photo proprieties including a map location of where the photo was taken. I had to remove the Google Photo app from my test iPAD. Safari works well to view photos. - Walt Heinzer.

2020 SUN JAN 12 Holiday Gala at SF Aquarium Pier 39
2019 SEP Floating Assemblage Montreal to Boston Seabourn Quest
2019 SAT JUL 20 Urban Wine Experience San Francisco, CA
2019 SUN MAY 19 Porterhouse Western Theme Event San Mateo CA
2019 THU APR 24 to SAT APR 27 National MONDIALE Napa CA
2019 SUN MAR 10 Hillsborough 50th Jubilee Celebration GHGC, Millbrae, CA
2018 SUN DEC 02 Hillsborough Holiday Gala - Lake Merced Golf Club, Daly City CA
2018 SAT AUG 25 Induction Dinner, TAJ Campton Place, San Francisco, CA
2018 National Culinary Weekend - Charleston SC May 17 to May 20
2018 MAY Floating Assemblage 'Romantic Roads of Europe Cruise' Monte Carlo to Venice Silver Cloud
2018 National Mondial Weekend - Paso Robles CA May 3 to May 6, 2018
2017 FEB South Africa Floating Assemblage Capetown Silver Cloud
2016 JUL 'A Chaîne Dream Cruise' Athens to Rome Sea Dream
2016 APR Floating Assemblage Tokyo to Hong Kong Silver Shadow
2015 MAY Floating Assemblage Venice to Istanbul Silver Wind
2014 SEP Floating Assemblage London Bordeaux Amsterdam Hamburg "Crystal Culinary Cruise"
2014 MAR Pre Chapitre Bangkok Cruise HK to Singapore
2013 JUL Pasta Moon HMB
2013 MAY North Sea Cruise Southampton to Copenhagen Silver Whisper
2012 JUL Pacific Northwest Culinary Arts Cruise Vancouver Silver Shadow
2012 MAY All-Chaîne Cruise Mediterranean Wind Surf